Curiosity drives us to achieve more.

Our vision for the future is clear. Wipfli will grow and innovate by creating a lasting, positive impact for every person, organization and community we engage.

And that includes creating a lasting, positive impact on our partners, principals and associates through an inclusive culture, flexible work options, a healthy work-life balance, career growth, development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits.

Over the years, the firm’s cultural foundation has driven Wipfli to an amazing level of excellence in service delivery.

Yet our growth hasn’t changed the values this firm was founded on more than 90 years ago.

Our strategic plan isn’t some pretty words gathering dust. It’s a tangible part of everything we do.

Our clients will:

  • Be inspired to imagine the possible.
  • Be supported by caring professionals who make the client’s challenges their own.
  • Work with teams of Wipfli professionals who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential.

Our associates will:

  • Be inspired to think freely and follow their passions.
  • Be encouraged to grow as people and professionals.
  • Commit to serving the firm’s clients with honesty and integrity.

Within the communities where Wipfli associates live and work, our associates will:

  • Embrace service and touch the lives of others.
  • Use their gifts to make a difference.
  • Impact generations to come. 

Career growth

Wipfli’s provides leadership development to help ensure you achieve your goals, whether that’s being a director, partner or principal.

Our learning and development teams, and performance coaches, will help associates develop their careers along our path to success that starts with leading self and evolves toward leading others and leading the business.

Each year, we work collaboratively to set individuals’ goals and then reward achievements during leadership review with raises, promotions and bonuses as merited. We have leadership positions that range from a board of directors, and partners/principals to managers of teams and divisions. Our organizational structure includes opportunities for election to equity and non-equity partners and principals.

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