Build your career before you graduate.

We provide career opportunities for students through programs and internships, followed by entry-level positions upon graduation. Along the way, you will have ample opportunity to learn about Wipfli and help us understand your fit at our firm.

Internships and entry-level positions

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Working at Wipfli

Wipfli provides leadership development to help ensure you achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing your skills, becoming a leader or exploring a different team within Wipfli. Wipfli is proud to have been recognized with the Handshake Early Talent Award, reflecting our commitment to fostering the growth and development of future professionals.

We’re also committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our hiring efforts and creating an inclusive environment and culture.

On Vault’s Best Internships for Diversity rankings, we’ve achieved:

Explore Wipfli

Learn about internship and career opportunities at our annual open-office style event. You can learn what it's like to work at Wipfli and hear directly from the firm's leaders and associates. The program will also help you build connections that can benefit you during the application process. Apply for Spring 2025 and Summer 2025

Our clients will:

  • Be inspired to imagine the possible.
  • Be supported by caring professionals who make the client’s challenges their own.
  • Work with teams of Wipfli professionals who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential.

Our associates will:

  • Be inspired to think freely and follow their passions.
  • Be encouraged to grow as people and professionals.
  • Commit to serving the firm’s clients with honesty and integrity.

Within the communities where Wipfli associates live and work, our associates will:

  • Embrace service and touch the lives of others.
  • Use their gifts to make a difference.
  • Impact generations to come.

Each year, we work collaboratively to set individuals’ goals and then reward achievements during leadership review with raises, promotions and bonuses as merited.

In addition to performance coaches, new hires also get a peer coach who is available to help answer questions or get acclimated.

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Not fully prepared to apply for an internship or not sure where to start? Please visit join our Talent Community to explore how you can stay connected to Wipfli

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